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Our Dance Studio is on the campus of Cornerstone Church at 4905 E. La Palma Avenue in Anaheim, California.


We currently have two dance studios with ballet barrés, dance flooring and mirrors.  We additionally have several classrooms for music and voice lessons.  We also have a full size theater on campus for our recitals and programs.


Our goal is to be professional and to teach students discipline and respect of others and self.  These rules help us achieve this and are important to our organization being good stewards of the rooms and buildings God has blessed us with.


  1. All dancers must comply with the dress code for their class.
  2. Dancers must be on time to all classes.
  3. No food, gum or drink (except water) allowed in the classroom.
  4. No talking during class.
  5. Respect instructors, other students and parents in the studio with your words & actions.
  6. Please respect all church property. Treat it with care and clean up after yourself.
  7. Do not sit or hang on the barrés.
  8. Parents are not permitted to sit in the classroom unless instructor has approved.  Parents may watch from outside the studio.
  9. While in class students must stay standing & attentive between exercises, watching their fellow dancers.
  10. While not in class, all students must be modestly dressed. Please put pants or a skirt, & a top over your class attire.
  11. To refrain from distractions we ask that parents and guests do not come into the studio or interrupt in any way while classes are in session.
  12. Children may not be left unattended or allowed to run freely through facilities before,during or after classes.
  13. Children must be accompanied to and from class by an adult.


4905 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807

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4905 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807