Fall 2022 Class Schedule

Classes start Tuesday, September 6th

Studio 1
Studio 2
(Upstairs Back)
Studio 3
MondayBallet/Tap (3-4yrs) 3:30-4:15 MS
Ballet 1A 4:15-5:30 MS
Ballet 1B 5:30-7:00 MS
Contemporary 1A 3:15-4:15 TS
Tap 2A/2B 4:30-5:30 TS
Jazz 1A 5:30-6:30 TS
Hip Hop 1B/2A 7:00-8:00 TS
Int. Teen/Adult Ballet 6:30-8:00 KK
TuesdaySr. PBT (3A+) 4:00-5:15 MR
Ballet 3A/3B 5:15-7:00 MR
Beg. Pointe 7:00-7:30 MR
Int. Pointe 7:30-8:30 MR
Jazz/Tap Combo (3-4yrs) 4:15-5:00 JC
Hip Hop/Tumbling (5-7yrs) 5:00-6:00 JC
Jazz 1B/2A 6:00-7:00 JC
Contemporary 2/3 7:30-8:30 JC
Beginning Ballet 1 (5-6yrs) 4:00-5:00 AK
WednesdayBeginning Teen/Adult Ballet 4:00-5:00 KK
Ballet 2A/2B 5:00-6:30 KK
Ballet/Jazz Combo (3-4yrs) 9:45-10:30 CH
Beginning Ballet 1 (5-6yrs) 10:30-11:30 CH
ThursdayJr. PBT (1B-2B) 4:00-5:00 MR
Ballet 3A/3B 5:00-6:45 MR
Beginning Pointe 6:45-7:15 MR
Intermediate Pointe 7:15-8:15 MR
Hip Hop 2B/3 4:00-5:00 JC
Jazz/Tap Combo (5-7yrs) 5:00-6:00 JC
Tap 1A 6:30-7:30 TS
Jazz 2B/3 7:30-8:30 JC
Beginning Ballet 2 (6-7yrs) 4:00-5:00 MS
Ballet 2A/2B 5:00-6:30 MS
Contemporary 1B 6:30-7:30 JC
Tap 1B 7:30-8:30 MS
FridayBallet 3A/3B 4:00-5:30 MM/KKHip Hop/Tumbling (5-7yrs) 4:00-5:00 AR
Hip Hop 1A 5:00-6:00 AR


TS- Theresa

MR- Mindy

MM- Madison

JC- Jessica

MS- Mia

KK- Kaitlyn

CH- Colette

AR- Alexa

AK- Amie


We always use the student’s first class to access their level and determine the best fit for them, but you can use these age ranges as a general guide to get started!  All classes are available to boys and girls alike.

Dancers must meet the age requirements as of September to enroll.

Combo Classes – Divided by age (3-4 years old and 5-7 years old)

Beginning Level – Ages 5-7 beginners

Levels 1A or B – Ages 8+ (Level A is entry level for this age group)

Levels 2A or B – Ages 10+ intermediate.  Dancers must take a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week.

Levels 3 & 4 – Ages 12+ advanced. Level 3 must take 3 or more ballet classes, and Level 4 must take 4 ballet classes per week.

Pointe – By staff approval and evaluation only

Teen/Adult Classes – great for beginning and intermediate students ages 13+

Contemporary and Jazz Levels 2 and Up: All dancers in a contemporary or jazz class level 2 or higher must take at least 1 ballet class per week.